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Kiran Charities is committed to educating the forgotten children of India. Our focus is on providing a world-class education that shapes and transforms students from socially disadvantaged children to confident global citizens.

Kiran Charities, Inc. was formed to improve the education of impoverished children by providing on-site assistance and financial support to schools in India that serve this population. The mission of Kiran Charities is to give a confident vision to the poor children through good education.

We are assisting primary and higher secondary schools in India. These schools mainly serve orphans, abandoned children, slum dwellers, scheduled caste and tribal children, as well as the handicapped. Many of these schools were started and are now managed by the Sisters of Charity of the Sacred Heart, who have dedicated their lives to living among, and helping, the poorest of the poor. Often, these Sisters stepped in to create schools where none existed in order to serve children of all faiths who had nowhere else to turn. Together, we are providing a ray of light for thousands of bright, eager, and deserving students currently shrouded in the darkness of poverty. To learn more about this worthy cause and the formation of Kiran Charities, please take the time to simply click on the video to your right.

Education is the process of cultivating completeness in oneself.
(Amirta through Vidya)
- Holy Book of Bhagavad Gita

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Focus Areas


For four years, the founder of Kiran Charities, Mr. Michael Antony, provided support to schools in India. This is the story of how one man made a difference in the lives of thousands.

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Seven Pillars

Kiran Model Schools are expected to continually improved in seven areas that are essential to the teaching and learning process.

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Kiran Model Schools

Kiran Charities currently serve impoverished schools in Southern India. Click here to learn more about each school.

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